Past Examples

This is the second time the City of Vancouver has held a competition to design manhole covers. The shortlisted designs from the first competition held in 2004 are below. The top 30 designs were selected by an independent panel of judges who reviewed more than 640 submissions. From this short list, the two winning designs were chosen.

Winning Designs (Available for viewing on a street near you!)

Kelly Cannell and Susan Point

The mother/daughter team of Susan A. Point and Kelly Cannell designed the winning look for new storm sewer covers. Both are Vancouver based Coast Salish artists who work in a variety of media. Point is a recognized master carver, and has completed numerous major commissions including work for the Vancouver International Airport, the UBC Museum of Anthropology and the Smithsonian. Cannell has incorporated painting and wood carving with traditional Coast Salish elements in her work. She was commissioned by Canadian Airlines to create the logo for their team’s shirts in an international world airline road race; has collaborated with her mother on screen prints; and has worked on a number of her own private commissions.

Jen Weih

Jen Weih’s winning designs decorate sanitary sewer covers. A graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, she’s a multimedia installation artist who works with sculpture, video, and sound. Weih has worked as the Exhibitions and Programming Coordinator at the Video In, and has been active in the Vancouver art community as a curator, writer, and artist.

2004 Art Underfoot Top 30 Designs

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Greg Allen

Omar Arbel

Tyler Brett

Arabella Campbell

Mr. B. Carlson

Robert Chaplin

Tom Ciszak

Jaime Clay

Jaime Clay

Steven Cowen

Jimmy D.

Julie Emerson

Jim Felter

David H. Harris

Beatrice Edith Henshaw

Derek Junck

Ljuba Levstek

Keith Manship

Keith Manship

Bethany Niedjalski

Brian Paschke

Kelly Cannell and Susan Point

Mia Robert and Spencer Davidson

Jeffrey Wang

Jen Weih

Jen Weih

Josh Wong

Mary Wong

Nancy Yip

Nancy Yip