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Submission #157

In keeping with Vancouver’s multi-faceted, long term plan to be the greenest city in the world and high-lighting the positive impact a separated water system has on our immediate environment, I have chosen grass as a focal image for the new Vancouver sewer covers. Clean water is one of two integral components in the growth and health of all living organisms, including and especially plant life. Therefore, I see abundant grass as a strong indication of a healthy environment and as extension, an efficient water system. Grass is a universally recognized plant commonly used to symbolize the concept of nature and ecology. It is a notable signifier of a green city not only because of its color, but also because of its abundant historical presence within various urban and rural communities indicating ecological balance and beauty. It can be found in almost every urban context including private lawns, public parks, sports fields and city boulevards; reinforcing the concept of land, space and the intricate connection between man and nature.

By implementing the text ‘City of Vancouver’ or ‘COV’ as an element of the design, the city’s name and consequently, identity, becomes synonymous with the image of green and conservation. The blades of grass reach upward in layers recalling vertical urban architecture; grass as cityscape. Installed within the city streets, the grassy sewer covers will indicate the harmony between the infrastructure beneath and the ‘green’ and environmentally progressive city above.