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Submission #475

My entry for the Iron Clad Art manhole design is a throwback to the classic / vintage style of the era when the city of Vancouver was blossoming from a port town into the amazing metropolis it is today, the beautiful balance between nature and commerce. I've travelled all around the world and honestly feel more love and appreciation for this city with each new place I visit. It's hard to explain to someone the sheer picturesque beauty that results from the simple merging of mountains and sea. Yes it rains a ton, but that's what makes it special (hence the droplets on the wings & banner). We're a wet city, but that means healthy forests & ecosystem (oh, and snow in the mountains!)

Thanks for opening up the design of a long-lasting part of the city to anyone. I think it's a great idea and another reason this city kicks ass. Even if I don't win, I'll take a second look at every manhole I pass each day.


Tim Barker