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Submission #690

Please note -there is no indication files were uploaded and so we have also submitted directly by email to Derek Simons.


We are submitting two designs - Contours for the sanitary sewers and Lost Streams for the storm sewers. These designs depict two natural phenomena which are integral to the natural and built drainage systems of Vancouver city. Contours is a scale topographic model reproducing the actual, though altered, changes in elevation through the city, shaping the flow of water from high to low. The systems installed by the city of Vancouver capitalize this character. This cover will be cast to reflect the differences in topography. Lost Streams illustrates the former and in some cases still existing natural drainage systems in Vancouver. The movement of water over and through the landscape collects in the streams , channeling towards the ocean. This cover celebrates the intricate balance of the city's natural heritage. Water will be distributed across the vertical model as throughout the city. In short, water flows downhill.