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Submission #300

The space frame engineering of the geodesic dome, emblematic of 1960s architecture, was epitomized in Vancouver by the 1969 completion of the Bloedel Floral Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. Interested in celebrating the rich heritage of Vancouver’s 20th century architecture as well as the vibrant Vancouver spirit that helped save this building from demolition, this manhole cover design depicts a planimetric view of the triangulated structure of the dome. The engineering aesthetic of this period in architectural history seems appropriately linked to the infrastructural function of today’s water drainage system – a complimentary collapse of the image of a cultural form of infrastructure onto the functioning system of another vital and contemporary piece of civic infrastructure.

***We submitted a slight variation of this design already without the COV label a few days ago. We have here amended the design to include the COV logo as required, so please consider this version as our submission. Thank you and our apologies for any confusion.